As Trump’s Unpopularity Rises Rapidly, He Suggests Censorship

In this turbulent week, Trump has seen a dive in unpopularity unprecedented in the first term of any President since the start of election polling. Donald Trump’s current approval rating sits at 38% according to Gallup, with 56% of Americans disapproving of Trump. In his worst day of polling, Trump beat Bill Clinton for the lowest job approval as a first-term President, with an approval rating of 35%.

So, with the recent and rapid rise of widespread discontent with Trump, what has he done to fix it? Obviously, it’s pretty typical for Presidents to try and recover their image with the public when their approval rating’s drop- so what is Donald’s plan to recover his approval ratings?

Unlike past Presidents, Trump has suggested a different path than typical. Most President’s try to fix their approval ratings through pushing for popular legislation to bring up broad support or focus on the issues they campaigned on to try and shore up support with their base.

However, Trump is seemingly uninterested in improving the country to increase his approval. Instead, he’s suggested the equivalent of censorship of the press to stop negative coverage. The media in the past few weeks have widely reported on Trump’s FBI investigation, Jared Kushner’s Russian ties, the failure of his healthcare reform bill, and the general discontent of American’s with Trump. To Trump, factual reporting of his shortcomings and failures as President are equivalent to libel. He issued his verbal attack on basic First Amendment rights in his typical fashion, through Twitter:

The failing @nytimes has disgraced the media world. Gotten me wrong for two solid years. Change libel laws?

Rather than address his shortcomings or face his disapproval with class, Trump has suggested stifling the First Amendment rights of Americans simply because all news media reports about Trump isn’t good news.

When facing an FBI investigation, possible collusion with Russians during election season, a healthcare bill found to increase the uninsured to 21 million by empirical CBO analysis, and an unconstitutional travel ban struck down in courts twice- there’s no way to report the news to Trump’s satisfaction, which amounts to ignoring it and saying it’s a hoax through Twitter.

Hopefully, knowing the tendencies of Trump, he’ll leave it on Twitter and stop short of actual censorship of the press. However, the fact our President is against our fundamental rights as citizens to have access to media free of censorship and government control is very concerning and disappointing.

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