Once the Saviors of the Republican Party, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump Have Fallen Into Deep Unpopularity

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have experienced an extraordinary decline in popularity in recent months- with Paul Ryan sitting at a 33% approval rating and Trump sitting at 41% approval. This is the most unpopular Paul Ryan has ever been as a politician with his career seemingly in a nosedive, all the while Trump has been hovering around 40% approval with several drops down to the mid 30’s (Lowest being 35%).

It’s not just the public at large that Trump and Ryan are unpopular among, there is rising discontent within the Republican party over Trump and Ryan- largely as a result of the unpopular & failed healthcare repeal bill. While only 19% of Republicans disproved of John Boehner, a massive 31% of Republican voters disapprove of Paul Ryan. The House Speaker, who is supposed to be a force of unity within the party, has nearly 1 of every 3 Republicans disapproving of his job as House Speaker.

Trump isn’t coming out much better- according to an IBD/TIPP poll Trump’s approval rating tumbled 14 percentage points this month to 74% among Republicans. While Trump still enjoys a solid windfall within his own party, it’s very worrying that his approval rating continues to plummet both in the public at large and within his own party. Presidents typically enjoy approval ratings upwards of 90% within their own party, an approval rating of just 74% within your own party is very concerning.

Trump and Paul Ryan very much painted themselves last Presidential election cycle as saviors of the Republican Party, Trump in particular. Trump ran on a platform of change, but not progressive change like Obama in his 2008 election- a change backwards in time when America was great and white. Republicans ate it up, especially the white working class who voted for Trump in droves, breaking turnout records for that demographic.

However, when Trump and the Republican Party took control of Congress and the White House, discontent quickly began to surface within the party’s voting base and America at large. After a poorly-executed Muslim ban, a failure of a healthcare bill, and an ongoing FBI investigation into Trump– many are not happy. Promises of change and ‘Make America Great Again’ are quickly being seen as farces, according to Gallup a majority of Americans don’t believe Trump holds up his promises.

The tides are turning within the Republican Party, the once popular viewed duo of Trump and Paul is experiencing a marked decline in approval- and it’s effecting the rest of the Republican Party. Republicans have expended a lot of political capital in recent months with nothing to show for it; where they go from here is an open question.

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