Poll: Half of Americans Think Trump Is a Liar, Majority Think He’s Dishonest

According to a recent Public Policy Polling opinion poll, half of Americans think Trump is a liar. A majority, 55%, think Trump is a dishonest person.

While Trump’s approval rating is absolutely abysmal already, around 42% according to Gallup, it is extremely surprising that the majority of Americans think they’re own President is lying to them consistently enough to lose their trust entirely.

Trump has lied so much that voters are more likely to think that former President Obama is more trustworthy than their current sitting President Trump, with 53% of Americans trusting Obama more than Trump compared to 42% who trust Trump more. The former President with no power in America is trusted more than the man with control over our nuclear weapons and foreign policy.

The fact Trump is a pathological liar is a much bigger issue than most people think- when the truthfulness of the President himself is in question, actual problems may be ignored with the legitimate belief that the President is just ‘lying again.’ If a major national security issue arose, an issue possibly warranting government intervention, Americans may think it’s just another Trump lie like his Obama wiretapping claim or his non-existent ‘armada’ heading towards North Korea.

The PPP poll also found some other statistics that do not bode well for the Trump Administration, namely that 44% of Americans support impeaching Donald Trump, only slightly edged out by 45% of Americans who do not support impeaching him. 7% of Americans are unsure.

61% of Americans also think he should release his tax returns, which he has yet to do for no discernible reason- allowing the American people to see how much the President pays in taxes will affect national security how?

Overall, the recent PPP poll does not bode well for Trump, Americans are wholly rejecting the sitting President with the majority simply dissatisfied with his job performance and almost half believing he needs to be impeached. Whether Trump can turn his perception among Americans around is yet to be seen, but at his current pace Trump may become one of the most unpopular Presidents in American history.

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