Trump’s Accomplishments So Far: Lowest Approval Rate For A New President Ever, a Failed Healthcare Bill, and Several Unconstitutional Executive Orders

Trump recently passed the 100 days mark of a President, and in those 100 days he’s accomplished an astounding amount of nothing. While a President obviously can’t pass their whole platform in 100 days, it’s a general benchmark many use to evaluate a new President to see if they’ve passed anything significant so far.

In his 100 days, Trump has passed nothing important, but his failures have been very significant. Within days of assuming office, Trump signed, through executive order, a Muslim travel ban from several middle-eastern countries which is still fighting it’s way through the courts system after being struck down as unconstitutional by several circuit judges.

In his first few days of office, Trump also began the long process of rolling back the Obama-era Clean Water Rule, allowing factories, farms, golf courses, and other businesses to pollute smaller streams and wetlands with relative impunity. He quickly followed with a rollback on Obama-era climate change regulation preventing coal companies from leasing federal land for coal mines, further exacerbating our looming threat of climate change.

He followed up his disastrous environmental regulation rollback with a healthcare bill that failed to through a Republican dominated Congress. While the defeat was surprising, mostly at the hands of the ultra-libertarian Republican Freedom Caucus, the most surprising part of the debacle was the horrible design. Trump’s healthcare bill, according the the unbiased Congressional Budget Office, would have raised premiums for old and poor Americans by 750%, skyrocketed out-of-pocket expenses, and cause 24 million to be without insurance.

Rounding out three and some months of incompetence, Trump is flaunting the lowest approval rating for a President in their first 100 days of office since the start of Presidential polling. Trump’s failures as a President are unrivaled since the start of the modern polling era- his blatant disregard for the environment, his distaste of Muslims and immigrants, and his dysfunctional healthcare bill have weighed heavily on his support among Americans, principally Independents and Democrats.

How Trump can recover from an absolutely abysmal first 100 days in terms of both popularity and accomplishments is the big question, how forgiving are voters? And how willing is he to tone down the rhetoric and far right platform to appeal to centrists? With the release of his radical tax plan today, a tax plan that will concentrate most of the income-gains from the tax cuts into the hands of the wealthy, the prospect of Trump mellowing out towards centrism is dismal.

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