In Another One Of Trump’s Rash Impulses, He Declares He Prefers a Government Shutdown Over Compromising With Democrats On the Budget

While Trump’s presidency so far has been a highlight reel of gaffes, this is one of the most surprising. Trump tweeted Tuesday that the government needs a “good ‘shutdown,’” lamenting the fact that Republicans had to compromise with Democrats in the Senate to pass the spending bill through Congress.

Keep in mind that government shutdowns are not to be taken lightly, the government is essentially forced to define “essential” and “nonessential” employees, and “nonessential” employees are furloughed and don’t receive any pay until they’re allowed back to work. In the October 2013 shutdown, about 850,000 federal workers received furloughs, or about 40 percent of all federal nonmilitary employees.

Important social programs and departments are also partially or fully halted during the government shutdown, which can have significant negative effects for both Americans at large and particularly disadvantaged members of society. In the 2013 shutdown, important government activities were shutdown like:

  • The Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program went unfunded.
  • Federal research activities at the National Institutes of Health (which lost about three-quarters of its employees), the National Science Foundation (which lost 98 percent of its workforce), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (which lost two-thirds) shut down nearly entirely; the CDC scaled back its monitoring of disease outbreaks.
  • Environmental Protection Agency inspections halted at 1,200 locations.
  • Reviews of veterans’ disability applications slowed to a halt, with nearly 20,000 applications per week not being evaluated.
  • According to the Office on Budget and Management, the sharp drop in government expenditure cut GDP growth by 66% in Q4 of 2013, from 0.6% to 0.2% GDP growth, resulting in 120,000 fewer jobs.

A near-million people were directly effected by the government shutdown in 2013, and it indirectly affected almost every person in America. Yet Trump, dissappointed by the fact he was not able to get his border-wall appropriations into the spending bill, is willing to damage and disrupt the lives of millions and millions of Americans so he doesn’t have to compromise with Democrats. An expensive cost every-day Americans would have to bear to heal Trump’s wounded ego, and to Trump this is the better alternative than just compromising with Democats.

Trump is acting very impulsively and short-sighted, the more reckless remarks and tweets he sends the more he alienates Independents, a vital demographic he needs who are already fleeing Trump in droves. If Trump chooses to continue his rash behavior, a pro-Democrat midterm upset is definitely in the cards.

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