Republican’s Message to the Poor: Just Stop Being Poor

Since November, Republicans have had control over the White House with a majority in the House and Senate, allowing them complete control over the federal government. As they’ve scrambled to take advantage of the situation and expend as much political capital as possible, a very clear theme has emerged. Republicans are working eagerly to transfer as much money to the richest in society through tax and health care ‘reform’, and their message to the poor is simple: just stop being poor.

Republican lawmakers as a whole are entirely out of touch with the pleas of the shrinking middle class and struggling working class Americans, most politicians were born into the political or business elite without much perspective on the pain of other Americans. Republican Representative Chaffetz made headlines a month ago for saying that the poor should just stop buying IPhones so they could afford health insurance, suggesting that the financial problems the poor endure is entirely due to reckless consumption- nevermind the fact that skyrocketing rent, health insurance, and childcare costs continue to eat up most of the budget of the most disadvantaged members of our society. But Chaffetz wouldn’t know that, he’s a man out of touch with everyday Americans, a man who casts the poor as nothing but reckless with no self control, entirely in poverty from their own volition.

The House Majority Leader of Arizona, Republican John Allen, made headlines a week ago when he said that low-paid teachers decide to take on summer jobs not because the state barely pays them enough to survive, but instead because, “They want to pay for a boat. They want a bigger house. They work hard to provide themselves with a better lifestyle. Not everyone who takes a second job does it because they’re borderline poverty.”

Rather than confront the complaints of teachers who are stuck living at the poverty line, Allen just plugged his ears like a child and ignored the problem. Why would poverty worry him when, as the Republican motto goes, you can just stop being poor?

Chaffetz and Allen aren’t edge cases in the Republican party- every proposed bill or policy implemented by Republicans so far has intentionally hurt the livelihoods of the poor in favour of the rich. Trump’s new tax plan is a huge break for the 1% while the rest of America suffers, and his original health care bill was going to raise premiums for old & poor Americans by 750% according to the CBO. After eight long years with a Democrat controlled White House and gridlock in Congress, Republicans finally had a chance to prove their worth to voters, and so far they’ve used this opportunity to try and pour billions into the coffers of the richest Americans without a care in the world for the rest of us.

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